We are recent college graduates from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP. We have always talked about starting a cooking show or a blog in order to share our love of food but never had the time. After five years of studies and professional work experience we have decided to follow our passion instead of a traditional career path (for the time being).

Together, we have been vegetarian for over ten years and are constantly hearing people say that they would love to be vegetarian if they only knew how; that it isn’t easy to be vegetarian, especially while cooking for others. We eat no meat is designed to show people that you can be vegetarian; it is easy, delicious, budget friendly, and dare we say, fun?! Our recipes are about the flavors involved in vegetarian cooking so you can learn to cook by taste, instead of simply following a recipe. We encourage you to experiment in the kitchen, swap out our ingredients for your favorites, and share your creations with us.

Our vision is to create a vegetarian cookbook that helps people both familiar and new to vegetarian cooking learn how to plan a week’s worth of healthy vegetarian meals on a budget. As we develop our recipes and start the planning process this blog is the first step, so enjoy and we welcome any feedback!


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